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What my patients have said ...

... I wanted to write to express my thanks and gratitude for the kindness, reassurance and professionalism shown to me by both you and Dr Essapen.... having met with you both, you eased my concerns considerably... I felt obliged to write to thank you and all your team for the hard, and difficult job which you are doing so well.

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Bleeding following intercourse

Bleeding following sexual intercourse is not normal especially if this is persistent. In most cases the cause is not sinister but occasionally it can be due to a cervical cancer. Therefore, it should not be ignored. In young women the cause is often related to an "erosion" on the cervix which might have become inflamed due to a low grade infection. Often it may be associated with some vaginal discharge. It can be easily treated with some antibiotics. The "erosion" itself does not need treatment as it is normal and is related to the hormones.

In older women who have been through the menopause, the cause can often be due to weakness of  the vaginal skin but it should always be reported to the doctor in case there is a cervix or womb cancer. If the abnormal bleeding is due to a cervix cancer then this will require urgent attention. You can read more about cervix cancer here.

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