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What my patients have said ...

Dear Mr Tailor... I do just want to express my thanks and appreciation for your care and skill provided to me before, during and after my hysterectomy. I have felt completely at ease and confident at all times whilst in your care - all thanks to you. Please also convey my thanks to Helen, your secretary, who has always been most helpful in a kind and personal way to both my daughter and myself.

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Follow-up after colposcopy and cervix precancer

Those with a low grade smear abnormality (borderline or mild) will be seen on a 6 monthly basis for colposcopy and smears until either their smear becomes normal or they have some form of treatment (loop biopsy or cryocautery) and are subsequently shown to have a normal smear. Following their normal smear, they are advised to have another smear after a year with their own GP and if that remains normal then they can revert back to routine 3 or 5 yearly screening.

Following treatment for a high grade abnormality (moderate or severe) using loop biopsy, I normally see the patient back for colposcopy and smear after 6 months. If the smear is normal at that stage then i discharge them with the advice to have a repeat smear in 6 months and thereafter annually for another 9 years until their tenth anniversary of treatment. If all the smears remain normal then they can revert back to routine 3 or 5 yearly smears.

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