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What my patients have said ...

... I wanted to write to express my thanks and gratitude for the kindness, reassurance and professionalism shown to me by both you and Dr Essapen.... having met with you both, you eased my concerns considerably... I felt obliged to write to thank you and all your team for the hard, and difficult job which you are doing so well.

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Follow-up after colposcopy and cervix precancer

Those with a low grade smear abnormality (borderline or mild) will be seen on a 6 monthly basis for colposcopy and smears until either their smear becomes normal or they have some form of treatment (loop biopsy or cryocautery) and are subsequently shown to have a normal smear. Following their normal smear, they are advised to have another smear after a year with their own GP and if that remains normal then they can revert back to routine 3 or 5 yearly screening.

Following treatment for a high grade abnormality (moderate or severe) using loop biopsy, I normally see the patient back for colposcopy and smear after 6 months. If the smear is normal at that stage then i discharge them with the advice to have a repeat smear in 6 months and thereafter annually for another 9 years until their tenth anniversary of treatment. If all the smears remain normal then they can revert back to routine 3 or 5 yearly smears.

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