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What my patients have said ...

I would firstly like to thank you for the care I have received recently. My husband and I are most grateful for the speed at which you have dealt with things from my diagnosis. You have given us the confidence to deal with this each step of the way. I feel honoured and very lucky to have access to your expertise.

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FAQs about Colposcopy

Q. I have been found to have an abnormal smear. Can I be checked out privately?
A. Yes. You will need colposcopy at your initial visit and depending on the degree of abnormality, you may also have treatment in clinic under local anaesthetic. If you are medically insured then this is usually covered. However, please check with your insurers prior to making an appointment.

Q. I am not insured. Can I still have my colposcopy privately?
A. I am happy to treat self pay patients, but it is important that you find out about all the charges before embarking on treatment. Fixed priced packages may be available and can be found by contacting the Runnymede Hospital or emailing me for a quotation.

Q. When can I be seen privately?
A. I do a clinic every Thursday at the Runnymede Hospital. This is in the morning. However, every 4th week it is in the afternoon. For urgent referrals I may arrange an adhoc session at other times during the week at the Runnymede Hospital. Hence, for routine referrals I can usually see patients within a week and for urgent referrals this will be even sooner.

Q. How do I get a private appointment?
A. Most patients are referred by their GP, but I am happy to see self referrals as well. If you are insured and are intending to claim the expenses from your insurer, it is highly advisable that you seek a referral from your GP (or a private GP) as your insurer may refuse to cover self referrals. It is best to seek approval of the insurers prior to considering any consultation.

Q. Where and when can I be seen on the NHS?
A. I do colposcopy clinics fortnightly at St Peters Hospital on Wednesdays. I do not do any colposcopy clinics at Royal Surrey County Hospital (RSCH) in Guildford. For routine non-urgent referrals, the wait can be about 4 to 8 weeks.

Q. Will I be seen personally by you?
A. For private referrals, Yes. For NHS patients, colposcopy referrals are pooled and you may be seen by any one of 5 to 6 doctors carrying out colposcopy at St Peters Hospital.

Q. How do I get an NHS appointment?
A. All patients have to be referred by their GP.

Q. How long is the wait for a colposcopy appointment on the NHS?
A. This is usually between 3 to 6 weeks (compared to 3 to 6 days privately).

Q. If I have my colposcopy privately, can I transfer back to the NHS if I need any long term follow-up?
A. Yes. HOWEVER, your GP would have to make another formal referral to my NHS hospital. This is usually easily arranged.

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