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What my patients have said ...

 Dear Mr Tailor…. There are no words that can truly convey the measure of thanks I owe to you and your team. The expertise of you and your team, the kindness and caring of all the nursing staff and the care that surrounded me at this stressful time all brought me to where I am today. The family call it a miracle – I call it Mr Tailor! …. You have become my hero and my thanks know no bounds. May God Bless you and enable you to continue your healing arts for many years to come.

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I participate in the BUPA Consultant Partnership and therefore charge according to their published fee schedule. Hence, patients insured with BUPA are not likely to incur shortfalls for surgical fees. However, some of the anaesthetists that I may use for my operations may not necessarily follow the BUPA schedule and may use the WPA rates. Since these are marginally higher than BUPA rates, there may be a shortfall which may need to be settled by the patient.

Self-paying and WPA patients are charged according to WPA rates. Aviva and AXAPPP patients are charged according to their own published rates. All patients insured with other insurers are either charged at WPA rates or BUPA + 10%.

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