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What my patients have said ...

Further to my phone call I wanted to compliment Mr Tailor on the operation he performed on me. I am really pleased with the results and wanted him to know how I felt, especially at this time with major cut backs and complaints. I was also impressed with the hospital and the nursing I received albeit for a short period of time. I particularly want the Chief Executive of the hospital to know that robotic surgery is wonderful and the short time it has taken me to recover. If this type of surgery is not used more often it would be a great shame to other patients and the NHS alike and would cost a lot more for hospitalisation and to keep patients on medical care after surgery.

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Fibroids are localised growths arising from the muscle layer of the womb. They are very common and can vary in size from a few millimetres to several centimetres in diameter. In most cases they do not cause any significant symptoms and are merely detected when the woman happens to have a pelvic scan for whatever reason. They can be responsible for heavy periods and cause pressure symptoms such as press on the bladder and cause urinary frequency. They can occasionally also interfere with fertility.


Cancer arising in the fibroid is extremely rare and most gynaecologists would agree that there is almost no justification to resort to surgery for fibroids because of the “anxiety of cancer” as long as there are no suspicious symptoms. In women who are experiencing symptoms related to fibroids, there are various measures that can be taken to alleviate them and most of these do not require surgery. In those who require surgery, it can be performed robotically.

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