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What my patients have said ...

Letter to head of Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology... Dear Sir or Madam... I am writing to express my appreciation of the way in which I was dealt with by Mr Tailor at my recent appointment. His professional but considerate approach and clear explanations were very impressive. I was lucky in that no problems were found but it is reassuring to know that had the diagnosis been different, such professional advice, care and efficiency are here to help.

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Abnormal Periods

bikini cut for hysterectomy
Bikini incision

Abnormal periods are a common reason for seeking a hysterectomy. However, the vast majority of women are successfully treated either by medicines which reduce the pain and the flow, or by simple procedures such as the insertion of the hormone coil (Mirena), or by outpatient or daycase procedures to destroy the womb lining. In current gynaecological practice, only a small minority of women need to resort to a hysterectomy. For those that do, almost all can be offered robotic hysterectomy with the inherent benefits that it provides.

small cuts for keyhole operation
Small cuts for keyhole operation

Currently the vast majority in this country are carried out through the open “bikini-line” cut because the gynaecologists carrying them out do not have adequate confidence to do them vaginally (without any abdominal cut) or by conventional laparoscopic (keyhole) technique.





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