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Robotic instruments
Articulte, fine robotic scissors

Patients who have robotic surgery, especially for benign conditions, usually go home the following day once they have passed urine! There is considerably less pain compared to the traditional open technique. Even when compared with the conventional laparoscopic technique, there appears to be less post-operative pain and it is thought that this may be due to the reduced movements of the instruments where they pass through the abdominal muscle layer.

Robotic eyepiece
3D vision with the Robot

The more precise surgery due to the 3D vision and smaller, more articulate instruments, causes less tissue trauma and contributes to less pain, less scarring, and faster recovery. The blood loss is also considerably reduced and hence less chance of anaemia and the feeling of tiredness! Women are traditionally advised to take 6 weeks off from their schedule to recover from their hysterectomy! However, with a robotic hysterectomy, many women seem to feel fully recovered after just 2 to 3 weeks! Hence there is a quicker resumption of work (with its benefits to society!).

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