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What my patients have said ...

The First Consultation You were not what I expected from your call or your text. You were warm, gentle, reassuring. Matter of fact, Not rushed, Illustrating organs with a simple diagram. During the internal check, You turned the ultrasound screen to me. Highlighting the jagged edges, You said you would explain the significance later. You didn’t have to. You emphasised a midline, Not bikini line incision was needed. Slowly, you explained what would be cut out. Ovaries, uterus, cervix, omentum, appendix, a few nodes, It sounded like a grocery list. My husband looked on ashen. I felt in good hands, safe hands, sure hands. And in God’s Hands.

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Mirosurge Robot
Surgical robot being designed by Mirosurge

Currently, the vast majority of robots throughout the world are those supplied by Intuitive Surgical (da Vinci system). There are other companies who are in advanced stages of testing their robot. At the forefront of these is Titan Medical, a Canadian company, which is currently testing their robot called Amadeus. There is a German company (MiroSurge) which is also not too far behind. There are other European companies from Italy, Netherlands and Belgium that are also in the process of designing a surgical robot.

It is therefore inevitable that once there is healthy competition, the costs will fall and the technology included in these robots will be even far greater! It is only within the last 10 years that there has been an exponential interest in robotic surgery despite there being only one significant provider (Intuitive Surgical). Within the next 5 to 10 years, with all the other robots on the horizon, robotic surgery will become the norm. It is then only a question of choosing the right surgeon prepared to do your robotic surgery!

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