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What my patients have said ...

Dear Mr Tailor... I would like to thank you sincerely for the kindness and consideration shown to both my husband and myself during the last few months. I realise that my operation was complicated... and appreciate the care taken to ensure my safety and comfort throughout. I consider myself very fortunate to have benefited from your skill in creating such a fine result.

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Suspected gynaecological cancers

The commonest gynaecological cancers include:

  No of new cases in UK in 2006
Womb 7045
Ovary 6600
Cervix 2800

Other cancers that come under the remit of a gynaecological oncologist include those of the vulva, vagina, and fallopian tube. There is a rare type of cancer called primary peritoneal cancer which is also managed by gynaecological oncologists. They behave, and are treated, in a very similar way to ovarian cancers.

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