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What my patients have said ...

Further to my phone call I wanted to compliment Mr Tailor on the operation he performed on me. I am really pleased with the results and wanted him to know how I felt, especially at this time with major cut backs and complaints. I was also impressed with the hospital and the nursing I received albeit for a short period of time. I particularly want the Chief Executive of the hospital to know that robotic surgery is wonderful and the short time it has taken me to recover. If this type of surgery is not used more often it would be a great shame to other patients and the NHS alike and would cost a lot more for hospitalisation and to keep patients on medical care after surgery.

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Laparoscopic surgery

Many of the operations that used to require an open cut are now simply carried out through key-hole surgery leaving better scars, less pain, and faster recovery.

Hysterectomies can now routinely be carried out in this manner. Amazingly, there are many gynaecologists who do not feel confident about doing them in this manner and will still do them through a traditional open cut!

Ovarian cysts that are deemed non-cancerous on ultrasound scan can often be dealt with by keyhole surgery. I have even removed very large cysts (bigger than rugby ball!) through a keyhole!

ovarian cystectomy
Ovarian cyst being "shelled out" by keyhole surgery

Some cancers can also be treated by keyhole surgery. These include some womb and cervix cancers. However, suspected ovarian cancers are not treated by keyhole surgery because these cancers can require very extensive surgery not only in the pelvis but also in the upper abdomen. Much of this surgery is guided by feel rather than vision and it would be easy to miss cancer deposits if one relied solely on vision through a telescope.

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