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What my patients have said ...

Dear Mr Tailor... I wish once again to express my many thanks to you for your great skill in completing my tricky operation from which I am steadily recovering. I also thank you for the care that was taken before the operation was performed and your personal kindness which gave me great faith in the outcome. Many many thanks.

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Pelvic ultrasound scanning

There are very few gynaecological problems that are not investigated by carrying out a pelvic ultrasound scan! Most gynaecologists see patients and carry out a routine examination by feeling the abdomen and doing a vaginal exam. If they decide that an ultrasound scan would be helpful then they refer the patient for this scan and either write to them with the results or see them back again. This could mean a total of 3 visits before deciding on the next stage of treatment!

Mr Tailor

I have been carrying out pelvic ultrasound scans since 1994 and I have conducted research looking at ovarian cysts on scan and trying to predict whether a cyst is likely to be sinister or not. I have published articles on this subject and spoken at international meetings. My skills have been thoroughly refined over the years and now I am one of very few gynaecologists in the country who has a dedicated pelvic mass ultrasound clinic on a weekly basis.

The advantages of this expert skill are numerous. Patients deemed to have non-cancerous cysts which are otherwise not causing any major symptoms can either be reassured, or simply be monitored on a regular basis, or choose to have the cyst removed by key-hole surgery. Patients who are felt to have a potentially sinister cyst are fast-tracked into surgery, and furthermore, precautions are taken to ensure that the cysts are removed in an intact fashion to avoid any spillage of cancer cells.

One of the commonest referrals to my NHS clinic is that for postmenopausal bleeding. All these patients require an ultrasound examination to decide whether the more invasive test of looking inside the womb with a telescope (hysteroscopy) is required or not. I am often able to carry out this scan at the same consultation appointment thus avoiding another visit, and importantly, speeding up treatments in case anything sinister is present.

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