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What my patients have said ...

Dear Mr Tailor... I am writing to thank you for all your recent efforts on my behalf. Your explanations and descriptions of my condition were clear and concise. I appreciated your follow-up phone calls keeping me informed of progress. The surgical team I'm sure could not have been bettered. All in all I am very grateful for all the treatment and care I have received. With many many thanks.

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The First Consultation You were not what I expected from your call or your text. You were warm, gentle, reassuring. Matter of fact, Not rushed, Illustrating organs with a simple diagram. During the internal check, You turned the ultrasound screen to me. Highlighting the jagged edges, You said you would explain the significance later. You didn’t have to. You emphasised a midline, Not bikini line incision was needed. Slowly, you explained what would be cut out. Ovaries, uterus, cervix, omentum, appendix, a few nodes, It sounded like a grocery list. My husband looked on ashen. I felt in good hands, safe hands, sure hands. And in God’s Hands.

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